Alan & Zerlina 20 Sep, 2008 Photo Montage

Alan & Zerlina 20 Sep, 2008
Actual Day Wedding Photography

I’m now dabbling into using video editing and photo montages.

On separate thoughts, I had attended a friend’s wedding at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral lately. Beautiful Church of course. My friend had 3-4 photographers that day. I’m pretty sure only one was the official photographer, the rest were dudes with big guns… haha. It was a good wedding, with just 1 thing in short. SAC, has several pillars in the sanctuary, so even if you are seated inside, you might be blocked by a pillar and need to look through a monitor. Well, that’s not what was short. Key moments like the signing, exchanging the rings, etc were blocked by 4 photographers lined up like  a wall of soccer players on the pitch during a penalty shot. I just hope the videographers weren’t blocked. Photographers should be “invisible”. Go in, grab the shot and come out. Don’t linger in front, don’t fiddle with settings at the front, don’t block the audience and last but not least, don’t block the video monitors!

If you must have more then 1 photographer, I would make sure they are experienced to the extent that they know what they want, are decisive with the shots, and are “invisible”.

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4 Responses to Alan & Zerlina 20 Sep, 2008 Photo Montage

  1. lovebug35 says:

    awesome photopgrahy and photos..

  2. Yoel says:

    hey bro, beautiful montage!!
    it makes me wanna pick up my camera and shoot!

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