This was taken at Santa Monica Pier on a foggy morning.

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Carousel at Pier 39

Taken at fisherman’s wharf San Francisco on Independence day. Took a series of shots, but the 1st still turned out to be the best. I ran out of battery right after these shots.

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Shixian & Sue Fern’s Bridal Photography

Got some bridal photography done recently for a an ROM event.

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dusk at the botanics

I’ve not updated in a long time. I’m putting up some shots that I really like making use of off camera flash, great quality of light from God and and amazing 50mm lens. I’ve been thinking of and trying to achieve this kind of warm, dusk shots for a while. I was glad that I was able to capture some with my friend for her modeling portfolio.

Yuqin @ the BotanicsYuqin @ the BotanicsYuqin @ the Botanics

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My photo used for NUS Business School’s poster!

Received an email this month that my photo is being used for the NUS business new building’s poster. It is mounted on display at the Executive Lounge.

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Dinner & Dance Montage

Dinner and Dance at the Holiday Inn Atrium

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Weddings and engagements update

Check out the update on that new weddings and engagements page here. I’ve included a new mosaic of photos.

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Dinner & Dance

I haven’t been lazy… Just busy with corporate events, church Sunday School Camp and a fashion shoot all in the past 2 weeks!
I’ve got some pretty good shots that I can’t wait to work on and share them.

Meanwhile, here’s 2 shots I like from a recent dinner and dance at the Holiday Inn Atrium.

Cross Processed, minimal enhancements. Probably my first cross-processed shots. I love what the light is doing to their hair as well as their look of anticipation as the votes are being tallied behind them. I’m calling both shots “Anticipation”.

85mm f1.8 1/60s ISO 800

85mm f1.8 1/60s ISO 800

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Christ is Born!

I was shooting bokeh shots lately with an 85mm f1.8, wide open. Thanks to Eugene, for allowing me use of his lens. Loving it.
I realise how the traffic colours reminded me of Christmas. Finished 2 corporate assignments over the weekend. Really tiring stuff, I must say. But it was interesting still.

Studying the Gospel of Luke right now, the verse chosen below is rarely heard of during Christmas (or for that manner anytime). It is beautiful and the true reason why Christmas is worth celebrating.

Luke 1:77-79

77 To give to His people the knowledge of salvation
By the forgiveness of their sins,

78 Because of the tender mercy of our God,
With which the Sunrise from on high will visit us,

79 To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death ,
To guide our feet into the way of peace.”

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Alan & Zerlina 20 Sep, 2008 Photo Montage

Alan & Zerlina 20 Sep, 2008
Actual Day Wedding Photography

I’m now dabbling into using video editing and photo montages.

On separate thoughts, I had attended a friend’s wedding at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral lately. Beautiful Church of course. My friend had 3-4 photographers that day. I’m pretty sure only one was the official photographer, the rest were dudes with big guns… haha. It was a good wedding, with just 1 thing in short. SAC, has several pillars in the sanctuary, so even if you are seated inside, you might be blocked by a pillar and need to look through a monitor. Well, that’s not what was short. Key moments like the signing, exchanging the rings, etc were blocked by 4 photographers lined up like  a wall of soccer players on the pitch during a penalty shot. I just hope the videographers weren’t blocked. Photographers should be “invisible”. Go in, grab the shot and come out. Don’t linger in front, don’t fiddle with settings at the front, don’t block the audience and last but not least, don’t block the video monitors!

If you must have more then 1 photographer, I would make sure they are experienced to the extent that they know what they want, are decisive with the shots, and are “invisible”.

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